Wilcom TrueSizer – Free Digitizing Converter, Resizer and Editor

TrueSizer OR Wilcom TrueSizer is handy FREE tool for embroiders and digitizers to view, change and convert many industry standard formats.

Why this is so important because this is FREE. Its almost tough to get any utility FREE in embroidery industry. So we will be posting many FREE resources and apps for the digitizers and embroiders, So keep visiting this blog. Today we will discuss features of Truesizer and how you can use it.

FREE Wilcom TrueSizer e3 is now available to Download!

Wilcom is the company which distribute not only this FREE desktop application (True Sizer) but now also a free Embroidery Web App! This can be used on your Mac, PC, iPad or Android phone.

What is Wilcom TrueSizer?

Wilcom TrueSizer is FREE and it makes you to work with WILCOM .EMB files. It is an industry standard for viewing, sizing and converting embroidery files. So what it can do for you?

You can do scaling and resizing for embroidery designs in .EMB file format without any problem to original shapes, density and stitch parameters. You can open, view and size any supported embroidery file and then convert it to a wide range of formats.


Wilcom TrueSizer Features

  • Open native Wilcom EMB files
  • Read and convert many popular industrial and home expanded/condensed embroidery digitizing file formats
  • View designs in TrueView and normal stitch view
  • Scale designs
  • Email EMB files direct
  • Print out production worksheets
  • Make sales presentations and sales printouts
  • Save designs in Wilcom EMB format
  • Save designs in many industrial and home expanded machine formats
  • Output to embroidery disk


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