Hiring Embroidery Digitizer – How to Find Perfect One for Your Digitizing Needs?

It does not matter if you hire a outsourcing company, freelancer or in-house digitizer, it is always the quality which comes first before anything, however hiring a digitizing company provide you extra edge over freelancer in terms of varied choice of digitizing formats, easy communication, software choices and level of experience and quality you can get from a company.

Here we will discuss the main points which you should look before hiring a digitizer, after all it is the one design which can make or break further choice of your clients using you again or recommending to another who are looking for embroidery.

What Digitizing Software They Use:

This is the main question which needs to be answered, In digitizing industry, 90% of market is captured by Wilcom and Pulse, other small mentions are embird, Sierra and local softwares.  You need to make sure which format is needed for your machine, most machines will use DST formats like Melco, other like brother use PES formats and some use CND formats. Make sure your digitizer provides you native formats for these machine types.


Experience and Expertise

This comes with experience in using digitizing software, some digitizer learn in 1 to 2 months and start digitizing designs, you cannot trust such digitizers and if you make such choice, you are really making your business in risk. So you should check your digitizer with various questions, his samples of digitizing. An experienced digitizer can tell you what the problem by seeing the design first time.

How Good They are with 3D Puff Designs and Small Lettering

Almost 60% digitizers will fail when it comes to small letters and 3D puffy designs, because they have no experience in dealing with such designs. So if you have to test digitizer, its great to provide them 3d design or a design which have small letters.

Turn Around Time and Estimates

Suppose you have rush design and client is coming to pick the shirts next morning? What options you will have, does your digitizer agree to do rush designs within 2 to 3 hours if needed, If not, look for some other choice because its difficult to use different ones for regular and rush projects. A embroidery digitizing company should be able to provide rush services as needed by clients. Estimates and Free quotes is what needed for those who price embroidery based on stitch quotes, so accurate estimates will increase your trust and business in clients while failing for the same product bad reputation.

Other question you may like to ask about Free Edits/Changes and practical experience with embroidery machines. Make sure you select the company which is easy to deal with invoices and affordable.








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